Types of cordless drills / screwdrivers

There are various types of cordless drills for different applications.

Cordless drill-driver

The most common type of cordless drills is cordless drill-drivers. These cordless tools function both as a drill and a screwdriver. By changing the bit of a cordless drill-driver, you can easily change the function. Having a cordless drill-driver will break the barriers for you! Imagine doing your drilling and screwing with just one device, isn’t it exciting? The ability to work at unusual angles is another point for these cordless tools. Because they generally weigh less than corded models and their design is compact, it is simple to use them at uncommon angles and tight places.With its long-lasting and fast charging battery, this drill is perfect for those who do not want to stop working!

Cordless impact drills

You might think that because cordless drills are compact and light weight, you cannot do heavy-duty tasks with it. But you are incorrect! As we said before, we produce a large number of cordless drills for different applications, among them impact drills. Impact drills are specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks. With their hammering motions, they have the power to break through hard materials like concrete and metal. The hammering motion of these cordless tools also helps to do the drilling quicker and with less effort. In conclusion, hammer drill is a perfect choice if you are looking for a powerful cordless tool to fulfil your heavy-duty drilling needs.

Cordless drill kits

Some models of TIANKON cordless drills come with a box that includes several drill bits and power bits with various shapes and sizes. These useful drill kits are produced to meet the diverse needs of users. We have gathered a complete collection of bits in its cordless drill kits for various needs. The kit includes bits for drilling different workpieces like wood, metal and dry wall. The kit also has flat bits and a number of power bits to tighten or loosen every screw that come across you! A very handy and powerful drill kit that everyone dreams of having, is cordless drill kit. This practical cordless tool comes with a strong water-resistant motor that allows you to work with it on rainy days. Not needing a power plug or a generator and the ability to work with it under rain? Can you name a more interesting tool? This cordless tool is also anti-shock and can endure falling from a height, which makes it perfect for using on construction sites. If you are looking for a really handy cordless drill kit, the Tiankon TKDR drill is a suitable choice for you!

Cordless screwdriver

Many users do not have lots of drilling jobs around their workshops or houses. However, they do a lot of screwing. For example, those who work in the electronic industries, have to deal with lots of screws on a daily basis. Compared to a drill-driver, electric screwdrivers generally weigh less because their motors and batteries are designed for lighter duty applications. To give you a better image, the weight of Tiankon cordless screwdrivers are around 600 grams but the cordless drill-drivers normally weigh more than 1 kilogram. This important feature makes these screwdrivers the perfect cordless tools for long hours of screwing and unscrewing that doesn’t harm the worker’s hands in the long run. Using Tiankon electric cordless screwdrivers will save you a lot of time and effort.This cordless tool has an ergonomic handle to fit completely in your hands and let you to work on irregular angles.

The Tiankon TKDR cordless drill-drivers’ family is really large and for every application, we have a tool that suits your needs!