350W Multi Function Random Orbital Sander

350W Multi Function Random Orbital Sander With Paddle Switch LCD Display  Brushless Motor

Model:TK1501 Power:350w Motor:Brusless Motor Voltage:230V/50HZ Pad Size:150mm Orbital Size:5.0mm No load speed:4000-10000rpm Accessories: 1pc hose 1pc adapter 6pcs sanding paper Feature:

EC Motor

Brushless motor combines the advantages of long life, low maintenance cost, low vibration, low noise, no interference, and smooth operation, can run in multiple shifts throughout the day.

ON / OFF Switch - Easy to Operate

In conjunction with the user-friendly control panel, the smooth-running function lever ensures that the device can be switched on and off conveniently.

Adjustable speed switch paddle

Adjustable speed paddle board, easily adapt to a variety of working environments

Soft Backing Plate - Safe to Use

Backing plate with multi-holes for effective dust extraction and a longer service life of sanding disc.
    Brushless Random Orbit Sander SERIES The electric sanding pad brake, and electronic control allows for smooth start-up to prevent surface marring - and near-immediate pad braking. Effective & Long-Lasting - Power through the toughest demands with an EC brushless motor delivering a constant powerful stream of performance. Exceptional service life for heavy users while providing a smooth workflow and a high degree of efficiency – no down time for pad brake or brush replacement. Time Saver: Using this palm sander put you into a completely new sanding experience, it removes material as quickly as you want,rescues people from long time sanding boring job by cutting time down by ¼,and offers a high degree of working efficiency.

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