12V Cordless Hammer Drill Li-ion Battery Electrical Drill Set

12V Cordless Hammer Drill Model:TKCP02 Battery Voltage Rating: 12V No Load Speed:0-400/1500r/min Charge current: 1.5A Chuck capacity: 1-10mm Battery capacity :Li-ion 1.5AH Torque setting : 18+1 Max torque : 20N.M Steel : 10mm         Wood: 24mm 1 pc fast charger     100-240V 2 pc  li-ion battery packs  (Samsung) Description
The long life, easy operation and convenient battery capacity in the 12V  2-speed screwdriver drill make it an ideal choice for multiple applications. The technical specifications and extraordinary features of this small but powerful cordless screwdriver drill show that it is a reliable and durable companion for your home and industrial use.


Powerful, waterproof and usable motor in wet places to 12V voltage; Maximum torque equal to 25 Nm; Providing the best performance in drilling and screwing of various materials


Ability to create free rotation speed in two ranges of 400-0 rpm and 1500-0 rpm according to different materials and activities


18-mode clutch with precise and efficient drilling and screw work and increasing the life of three systems


One pair of 12V and 1.5Ah lithium-ion batteries with fast charging, high performance and long life


Shockproof, anti-vibration and ergonomic, compact, lightweight, and one kilogram; full plastic, ergonomic and anti-vibration handles for ease of use and increased resistance to fall and possible blows; suitable for use in tight and enclosed environments


On/Off Dust Key; Two-Mode Speed Control Key; Left-Round/Right-Round Key


Fast charging system with best performance

Battery Charging Indication And LED Light:

The indicator light shows the battery charge; the LED light enables working in dark and dim places.

Other Instrument Specifications:

Offered in a shock-resistant BMC bag with a pair of 12 volt batteries with a capacity of 1.5 amps and a fast charger Feature: - Powerful motor to provide the best performance in drilling operations and opening and closing screws. In addition, the motor is waterproof which allows the user to continue working in humid environments. - Ergonomic design weighing just 10 kg to easily perform tasks in harsh conditions - equipped with three automatic 1mm two-piece systems to increase efficiency - High performance lithium-ion battery and long life, as well as 5.18A charger with fast charging capability -clutch settings This device makes it easy to drill holes and open and close screws and extend the life of three systems. - Equipped with a dual-mode gearbox for a wide range of tasks - Ergonomic and anti-vibration handle for high control on the device and the working process - Equipped with LED lights to carry out work in dark places - Durable and anti-vibration body, next to the plastic handle that prevents damage in case of falling or other accidents. - Battery charge indicator that allows you to know the remaining energy in the battery. - Fast charging system that offers best performance during difficult tasks.